What Is A Drum Set: What You Don’t Know About Drum Sets

You are here to find out what is a drum set or drum kit, right? Well, I remember how curious I used to be when I heard people mentioning about a drum set and how beautifully it’s played.

I had to make every effort to find out all I needed to know about drum sets and this post is about my personal findings. For the last 15 years I’ve been dealing with musical instruments in general. I’ve been guiding people, giving them information on both acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, mixers, microphones and drum sets.

In this page I will be guiding you to understand what exactly the drum set is comprised of and how to choose the right kit to suit your needs. I will also give my recommendations on which drum sets to buy.

What is a drum set? Description

Now let’s begin by describing a drum set. It’s also called a drum kit, a trap set, or just drums. It is a collection of several drums and other percussion instruments, normally cymbals, which are arranged and set up on their respective stands.

Typically, the drum set is played by a single player using drumsticks which are held by both hands.  At the same time, the feet operate pedals that control the hi-hat cymbal and the bass drum beater.

A drum set comprises of a combination of drums which are classified into two:

  1. High level classification 2. It consists of membranophones, Hornbostel-Sachs and idiophones
  2. High level Classification 1. Includes the most significant cymbals, but also it includes the woodblock and cowbell.

In the recent past, we used to have mostly acoustic kits but these days we have seen the introduction of electronic drum sets. Though this doesn’t mean that acoustic drums are in danger of total eradication, but it’s an indication that electric drum kits are creeping into the market more than before.

What does a drum set consist of?

Parts of a drum set

Chart by Austin

There are both right and left hand player drum kits. A standard modern drum set for a right-handed player, as used in popular music contains the following: –

  • Snare drum: – This is normally mounted on a stand and placed between the player’s knees. Typically it’s played with drum sticks which may include rutes or brushes for the best sound production.
  • Bass drum: – This drum is played by the right foot operated pedal. which moves a felt-covered beater. This is the one that produces the deep sound to guide the music.
  • One or more toms: – Normally played with sticks or brushes. Usually there are three toms: rack tom 1 and 2, and floor tom
  • Hi-hat cymbals: –  These are two cymbals mounted on a stand. They are played with the sticks, opened and closed with left foot pedal. It can also be played to produce sound with the foot alone.
  • Extra cymbals: – You may find one or more extra cymbals mounted on stands played with the sticks

Watch the video below to learn more about the parts of a drum set and how they function.

What to consider when buying drum set

  • Your budget: – Not all drum kits cost the same. At the same time, all drum sets are not the same in quality and cost. You must set your budget according to the quality of the what you want to buy and use. You may need to look around the market and find the product that suits your budget.
  • The Size of the Drums: – You may be wondering how this is important at all but the reality is that, drum sets especially the acoustic ones require space. If you are planning to have them fixed in one place or you want to transport them occasionally you need to consider the size.
  • Consider Sound Production: –  You need to decide how many toms and cymbals are necessary to achieve your musical goals. Ask yourself, what exact sound tones do you really want from your drums. What you want will determine the kind of drums you are going to buy.
  • The Manufacturing Material: – Today we have drums manufactured from different materials. Some are made of wood with plastic finishing while others are made of other different materials. In the last century, drum tops were made of animal skins but not they are made of plastics such as Mylar and polyester. Some materials are heat, cold and water resistant while others are not.

Acoustic Drum Sets

As the name suggests, these are drum sets that are played manually to produce sound. No electrical connections is required to produce sound whatsoever. The Bass drum, the snare drum, the toms and the cymbals all are loud enough to produce sound.

Below are my recommendations of the best drum sets.

The Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set

The Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set

About this Product

  • This set has a 100% birch drum shells with air seal system
  • Has 45-Degree bearing edges and Absolute-style lugs
  • According to manufacturer, the bundle includes 22″ Kick, 16″ Floor Tom, 12″ and 10″ Rack Toms, and 14″ snare honey Amber
  • Remember that the cymbals are not included in this bundle. They are sold separately
  • This system series is great and best for both beginners and professional drumist.
  • The Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set comprises of 5-piece drums and is ideally packed with quality and value. 
  • Your investment in this drum set is a sure way to take your music career to another level.

Gammon 5 Piece Drum Set

Gammon 5 Piece Drum Set

About this Product 

  • If you buy this product, you will get full product support on all drum models.
  • This is one of Gammon’s Passion for Percussion instruments.
  • This is a complete drum set which can be played by all people including beginners.
  • Gammon drum set offers quality performance value for your investment.

This Gammon package contains the following item: –

  • Full real manufactured wood drums
  • A Hi Hat Cymbals and Stand
  • You will find ride cymbal and Stand
  • Also a drum stool or throne
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Drum sticks available
  • One drum key
  • A high gloss finish on drums
  • A complete drum set is available 

Ludwig 5 Piece Drum Set

Ludwig 5 Piece Drum Set

Features & Specifications 

  • This is an element evolution, a 5-piece drum kit wine ed Sparkle
  • Designed as an intermediate drum set, the Ludwig Element Evolution is everything an aspiring drummer needs to succeed
  • These drums feature 6-ply poplar shells for big, open tone and low, even overtones
  • Perfect for laying down fat rock back beats
  • The drum hardware includes triple-flange hoops and Keystone lugs

Electric Drum Sets

Electric drum sets are obviously that which use electricity for sound production. Sometimes these are termed as digital drums which can be programmed and played by the use of buttons. The digital electric drum sets are not bulky at all and are portable enough.

Check out my recommendations below.

Roland Electronic Drum Set

Roland Electronic Drum Set

About this Product

  • Reliability: – Roland electric drum are very reliable when it comes to the sound module, the pads, right down to the pedals. The functionality of each of these parts is exceptionally nice.
  • Performance: – Each component in this drum set is made to deliver according to it’s purpose, across every scenario.
  • Endurance: – The pads and pedals used in the TD-17 series are made to take a beating with endurance. When you play you are not afraid that any part will get damaged. You are sure that every part will endure any kind of pressure exposed to it.
  • Quality: – With Roland drum set, you are sure that to grow your skills and ambitions to another level. You can learn new skills at any time using this drum set.
  • Room for Expansion: – You can expand your TD-17 by adding an extra crash cymbal or second snare
  • It can be an be used both by both learners and pro drummers.

Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Kit/Pad

Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Kit

Product Details

  • This drum set has 8 touch-sensitive drum pads which allows expressive playing
  • The availability of an AUX jack allows easy connection while playing along with an MP3 player. You can also connect headphones when you want to play in private.
  • It has a tempo control functionality using tap start
  • You will also find a and percussion mode with Latin drums. This allows easy playing with hands
  • Yamaha DD65 has 254 GM compatible Voices assignable to any pad as you like. You need to refer to the user manual for more information.
  • Note that this pack does not contain a service kit or any DVD

The Ion Audio Redline Drums Illuminated Electronic Drum Kit

The Ion Audio Redline Drums Illuminated Electronic Drum Kit

Product Details

  • If you like to play drums without noise complaints, this is what your choice.
  • While playing, these LED-illuminated pads provide visual feedback. You can easily monitor what what you are playing.
  • This drum set comes with a built-in drum coach which is good at sharpening your skills. You can play-along provided patterns and 30 songs
  • It has a 3.5mm (1/8-inch) aux input available.  You can jam along with your digital music collection any time you want.
  • You can use headphones especially when you are practicing privately.
  • Drumsticks and headphones included.

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Final Word

We have so far discussed and answered the question what is a drum set and how it functions. A drum set is a combination of different components which produce different sounds when hit by a stick or pedal hammer.

Among the components, we have the snare drum, the toms, bass drum, hi-hat cymbals, extra cymbals and their stands which are arranged and played in a certain pattern.

We have Playing a drum set is real fun. It’s even more fun to watch someone playing a drum set. We have discussed here about important things you should put into consideration when planning to purchase a drum set.


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