14 Tips on Composing Music: Powerful Way To Get You Started

Do you have an interest in becoming a musician or to starting a career in music and you don’t know where to begin? If this is your desire, just continue reading because this article addresses important tips on composing music that will charge you up on how to get started. These are just but practical tips that have been tested by different people.

Did you know that as you make a career out of MUSIC you can start as early as now? Did you know you can MINISTER to people and become an ICON through music? It all starts from LEARNING how to create your own music and DEVELOPING it in all ways possible.

Every career deserves SERIOUSNESS and COMMITMENT. So if your vision is to become a musician and make a career out of it, just stay in tune as we discuss how to get started in composing music.

14 Tips on Composing Music

As you compose your own music, consider these tips carefully. They will CHARGE, ENCOURAGE, INFORM and MOTIVATE you towards the easy composition of your music.

1. Take Advantage of your Love for Music

Don’t take for granted your PASSION for music because this is your great ANCHOR towards building a career out of it. If you love music, you will find yourself LISTENING to different types of music genres. What kind of music do you love? Personally, I find myself interested in gospel cool music and country music.


The music you LOVE is the kind of music you will COMPOSE. So if you love blues, rock, reggae or country music, this is most likely the kind of music you will find yourself DOING.

If you love cool music that touches your soul, take advantage of this because this is the music you could compose. So don’t assume your desires and passions on the kind of music you love.

2. Get Ideas as you Walk and Work

What comes to your mind when you are WALKING alone or doing your daily chores for example when you are jogging? What kind of job do you do every day? Did you know that you can build your passion for music during these moments you are alone? Did you know that these are the best moments to get your NEW music ideas?

I’ve composed so many songs when I am walking as well as when I’m driving. When I finished my High School education, I used to help my parents in working on the garden. As I did cultivation and weeding, lovely tunes could just emerge and I could take the bible and fill in the words on the tune. This is a powerful WAY to create music.

3. Get Tunes as you Travel

What is special with traveling? If you are like me, you may love listening to music in your car on the GO. I love playing different music in my car because this helps in STREAMLINING my thoughts.

I’ve seen many people with their headphones as they drive. Despite the fact that this is not allowed in many countries, it is a way of listening to music as you travel.

To some people, best tunes emerge as they travel by different means. For example, if you are flying for long hours, you can take advantage of those long fights to compose your music. Most flights have nice music channels and you may take advantage of that and listen to different genres of music. This is a good SOURCE of ideas.

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4. Listen to Music Tunes as you Relax

What do you like doing when you are relaxing? So many people like sleeping as they listen to music. Others prefer going out and just sit somewhere as they watch the nature’s beauty. During my off-days, I love laying on my couch as I listen to lovely music.


These days we have all the technology with us that allows us have music all around us. You can go for a picnic with your phone and headphones and listen to your music as you relax.

What is the need of listening to music as you RELAX? When your mind is NOT OCCUPIED, that is when good music ideas are constructed. These music ideas are WOVEN together from materials gotten from other musicians.

5. Write What Comes to your Mind

Yes, you heard me right! When a music idea comes to your mind, take your pen and notebook and JOT down those ideas. Sometimes an idea may come when you are traveling, walking or at your place of work, if it’s possible with you, you can pause to WRITE down those ideas before you forget.

That’s why I don’t leave behind my digital notebook because I know I may require it at some point. I normally write down the MUSIC WORDS whenever they emerge.

Sometimes a tune comes with words and at that time the best thing is to write it down. Don’t worry if its only one line or two. If you have got one, the rest will soon appear.

6. Record your Favourite Tune

This is one of important tips on composing music and PRACTICES you should have as an artist. I normally walk ready with my recorder ready because I know I may need to record a tune that comes.

Don’t worry about a recorder if you don’t have one at the moment, you can use your PHONE recorder these days we have good recorder apps installed. If you don’t have, you can just download it for free from app stores.

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WHEN do you record the tune? Sometimes you will have only one or two lines in your mind and that’s all you have, you should record that as well as writing the words down. In other words, just RECORD WHAT YOU HAVE and as I mentioned above, don’t worry about the rest. As you progress with the song, ideas will still come.

7. Think of a Relevant Message

Ask yourself what MESSAGE do you want to communicate in your music? Who is your AUDIENCE? Music is a way of passing the message to your audience so when you are composing your music, think of a UNIQUE message to convey.

Remember that there are people who go to church only to listen to music. There are sick people who can get their emotional or spiritual HEALING from music.

tips on composing music

What does this mean? Your music is a very important means of MEETING PEOPLE’S NEEDS and therefore you need to think of what relevant message you want to pass via your music.

Don’t just music, compose music that will transform people’s lives. In other words, you must address people’s needs via your songs.

8. Relate your Music with Situations

Songs that are made to fit a certain SITUATION or CIRCUMSTANCE normally relate very well with the audience.

For example during a specific POLITICAL or ECONOMIC situation that many people are experiencing as similar wave in the nation can be a good source of music ideas.

Musicians have an opportunity of communication even to the President or the king through music. So take advantage of such moments.

Whenever you are writing your music, do all your BEST because you don’t know whoever will be listening to it. As I WRITE this article I’m listening to great gospel music from Rwanda and it’s really ministering to me. I’m sure the writer didn’t think this music can be heard as far as America, Asia, Europe and many other parts of the world.

9. Use the Language you Love and Understand

Some people have great ideas they want to pass across in their OWN language but they feel LIMITED because they can’t do that in English. DON’T let this limit you in any way.

The same applies if you CAN’T SING in English. For the last several years I’ve listened to different music in languages I even don’t understand but it doesn’t bother me at all because it has been TRANSLATED.

I will surprise you if I tell you that my best music is in languages that I don’t even understand. Many people have developed a good habit of TRANSLATING the words in English as they create their music videos. You can do this too.

10. “Steal” Wisely

Alas! What you have read is right it’s not a mistake. There are times you can listen to a tune and you think wow, that is a good tune I can use it in my music.

Well, in music we learn from OTHER musicians and in the process of learning, it’s possible to compose music that sounds like another person’s music that you know, and this is okay.

Let’s be frank here, I’m sure you have ever listened to a certain music and you thought it sounds like another music you heard before. Chances are that the owner stole the tune in a wise way.

The danger however would be if you take someone’s tune and words, that becomes piracy and is punishable by law. You need to be careful as you “STEAL” ideas because we have the law that governs copywriting of music.

You may get the ideas, concept and tune but you must do it in YOUR OWN way. DO NOT PIRATE other people’s music. Be as original as possible, remember you are creating your own BRAND!

11. Use your Favorite Musical Instrument

This is yet another point among the vital tips on composing music. It’s a way of generating and composing music as you use your favorite INSTRUMENT. For example, if you like playing the accordion or a guitar like me, you can just start by PLAYING any key, any beat and tune at RANDOM.

As you continue to do that, as you get deep in playing your musical instrument will experience a new tune emerging on your play. You don’t have to play a tone you know, just start from the unknown to known.

Use your favourite musical instrument

If you like the tune you can start by recording it then fill in the words later. Alternatively and this is how I do it, you may play the tune time and again until you will have words for the tune and that is when you can record it.

At that point you can record both the tune and words. It all depends on you and how you like doing it.

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12. Make Occasional Music

This may be related a little bit with what we have discussed above in point number 8. It is important to make your music that can fit SPECIAL OCCASION like weddings, dedications, thanksgiving ceremonies, commitment occasions etc.

Such music will not only speak directly to the audience but also you will become easily BRANDED for your occasional music.

I’m coming from a background whereby people honor and respect occasions very much. For example, I still cherish Christmas and Easter songs that I used to hear when I was a boy. My home church choir had a very special way of doing such music which is still memorable to me up to date.

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13. You can use Music Composing Software

Today we have many ways of composing music. We have a lot of SOFTWARE out there which can be purchased and installed in you computer and they can assist in composing your music.

The best thing with these Software is that they are AVAILABLE online and you can download them for FREE. Some of them have a trial version which will allow you test it before you purchase.

Another advantage with this Software is that most of them have TUTORIALS on and GUIDE on how to use them for best results. As I have suggested in another article, you must be ready to test several of them before you make a purchase because once you purchase it’s not easy to get a refund. We’ve gone to the extent of making a selection of some of the best software for you.

14. You can Hire Someone

This is another option for those of you who still want to become great musicians but still you can’t compose any music despite all the above points. There are people who are very good musicians and have the best voices but can’t make any new music of their own.

If this is you, don’t worry there’s is still hope.

We have many people on the other hand who are good composers for  PAY. They are out there to MAKE music for SALE. Some of them do sing while others only do that in conjunction with the instrumentalists or both. Such music teachers can assist you on the area that you require assistance.

As I Close this Article,

We have discussed hottest tips of composing music and we have looked at the ways you can compose your new music and make it one of it’s kind. If you want to make your music your career, don’t feel tied up because there are many ways of meeting your need. These 14 tips are just a way a guideline to get you started in your music career.

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You may need to watch the video below on the composing music for beginners

If you have any questions about what we have discussed above, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Paul Mbaluka

My name is Paul, a born again, self motivated person. I love to transform people's lives in whatever through empowering and training them. Music is in my blood systems and therefore anything pertaining music is a key to my heart.


  1. Great tips. I make music and have been since I was a teen. I struggle with coming out with consistent relevant songs though. This post really helped me kind of get a grasp on things and how I’m going to approach my music for now on. Can I share this post on my Facebook page group with other musicians?

    • Hello James,

      Thanks a lot for your comment on this article on the tips of music composition. Composing music is an art that can be learned and developed by anyone with a passion for music. It can be worked on and enhanced by practice on a daily basis.

      If music is your passion, learn to work on your songs on the go. You can do that by employing the tips discussed here. If you wish to share this information please feel free to do that.

      Best wishes


  2. Great review! I love music but never really knew where to start. This review will give me some great tips and act as a starting point 🙂

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts, as this post has really given me some clarity.

    I especially liked the topic you covered pertaining to “stealing” haha great tip!

    • Hi Mike,

      It’s so interesting to read your comment. I’m excited to learn that this post has equiped you know know where and how to get started on making new music. Yes, you are free to read more and more my posts and if you feel that this information is meaningful to you, just feel free to bookmark it, like and share it on your social media and with your friends.

  3. Yes im an avid fan of music, a musician myself and i love connecting with creative people. I agree music is great – how long have been playing and where are you originally from. I love new music and especially world music that is indigenous to a certain country. Great tips on everything obviously that you are familiar with, awesome to see and awesome to know.

    • Nice to know that you love making new music and that you like connecting to creative people. I’m from originally from Kenya and here we have a wide variety of traditional music that attracts people from all over the word. I love watching and listening to music from indigenous Maasai people among others.

  4. Paul, I truly enjoyed this very thorough and informative post. As a life-long musician, player, singer, composer, recording and performing music, I found your 14 points to be spot on for beginners trying to get into the art of composing music.

    I also agree that you CAN legitimately take certain aspects of other tunes that you hear and love, and sort of “re-invent” them into your own song. Being careful, of course, as you properly admonished, not to just “steal” something exactly as it is in the original and then plug it into your composition and claim it as your original writing.

    I hope this post reaches lots of aspiring song writers, as I am sure it will be of great help – good work!

    • Hi Marvin,

      It’s my pleasure reading your sentiment on my article. It’s really strong words from an experienced musician like you. I appreciate the fact that you found these important points on Composing music very applicable and valid. 

      We can’t deny the fact that we learn from other musicians for sure. We listen and make songs similar to what our favourite music is. It’s understandably undeniable that you can adopt some tunes you have heard before but the danger would be if you copy paste someone’s song. On this point, you must be wise what to adopt and how to maintain your own originality in doing that. 

      Hope this makes sense.

  5. I love to read your articles and this is another great article with all the composing tips that inspires me to give composing ago. For a long time I have wanted to compose children’s songs but in my own native tongue. I am by no means a great musician or anything but I can play simple tunes on a ukulele. Your article has inspired me to give composing ago so now I am excited to get cracking 🙂

    • Thank you, Rina, for keeping tracking my articles and staying tuned. I’m happy to hear that composing songs for children was one of your esteemed passions. I’d like to mention that passions never die, anytime they can be rekindled. If you follow keenly these tips on how to compose songs definitely you will light up some of the dead lights on music composition. I don’t know how to play ukulele but I love seeing it played and I’d love to see you play too. 

      Best wishes


  6. I have just started learning the harmonica and have been procrastinating for far too long.But I read your article and picked up where I left off and I’m really stoked.Music is a universal language and brings us all together despite race colour creed or religion
    I’ve committed to putting some time aside every day to reach my goal as a kick arse harmonica player
    thanks mate

    • That sounds as a pretty fresh start! I started playing harmonica when I was ten years old and eventually it became my favourite instrument during my early years. Later I realised that I needed to sing as I play which was an impossibility with harmonica. So I started learning how to play the guitar and it became my darling. 

      It’s easy to compose songs as you play your favourite instrument including the harmonica. It all depends on you. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment and time in reading my article. 

  7. Hello! I really really like your page! And I love music, love singing and dancing when I have free time. 3 years ago, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar and I found this page very useful.

    I would like to give you one constructive response:

    It would be better if you can add some information about piano, I want to learn how to play piano and how to composite.

    • Your comment is so interesting. If you have a desire to play the guitar, you can still refuel the passion anytime. Am so glad you found this page helpful to you.

      Yes that’s really a constructive suggestion. I will consider your request and start piano classes too. Playing any instrument is very refreshing and relaxing. I’m happy that you would like to learn to play piano and compose music on it.

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