What do you Need to Make a Music Video?: Important Points To Consider


If you are one of those people who have a passion for music and would like to make a career in music, this article is definitely important for you. As you look forward to making both audio and video production, one question you must answer is: What do you Need to Make a Music Video? This article is an answer to this question so just stay on board and continue reading.

We all enjoy watching music videos. Most of the time none of us often takes time to think about what goes on before the music video is ready for watching. Today we have millions of music videos on the market and not many people know about them.


Some of the music videos in the market are not up to standard and that’s the reason they’re unknown. However, our focus today is about how to create a music video in general terms.  There are many talented people out there who don’t know how to go about making a music video.

This article is to help you realize that it’s possible to create a music video by following these easy steps. Before you venture in making music video, it’s good to seek for the information on how to go about it.

What do you Need to Make a Music Video?

We Will Discuss Important 15 Points to Consider 

Before you start creating your music video, you need to make prior preparations. You need to make sure that you have all you need for your project. Whether for local or commercial purposes, making a music video is a demanding project that will call for your preparations.

1. Get the Artist/Singers Ready

You cannot think of making a music video without the artist or the musician. This is a very important person because he/she is the center of interest in this project. We are expecting that the musician needs to have the songs ready. The artist may refer to a single person, a small group or a large group like a band or a choir.

The work of the artist is to compose the songs and make sure that they’re ready for either audio or video recording. In order to create a video, you can either have one song, or several of them. It all depends on you and what you want to do.


2. Have Dancers Ready

These are the people who join in for a dance. If the artist is a single person or a small group that is occupied in singing, they may need other people who will do the dancing. Sometimes, if you choose to do audio recording first, the artists can still dance during the video shooting.

Again this will depend on several factors. If it’s a live video recording whereby you are making audio as well as the video, you will need the dancers. This is because the audio recording doesn’t require interruptions otherwise the audio part of the video will have a problem.

3. Make Appropriate Budget

This is an integral part of video creation. You need to come up with an actual budget of your project. This is whereby you allocate finances to every item that you will be using on your project. Do not assume anything here because you don’t want to get stuck on the way financially.Make-budget-for-your-music-video

Include a budget for everything including the foods and refreshments that will be used during your project. Everything needs to be included in the budget however small it may appear. Set apart money for emergency cases because, in such a project, you may incur emergency cases that would require finances.

Some people would prefer to have 10% (of the budget) extra money set apart as the emergency money. This depends on your planning and how uncertain some things are in your planning.

4. Create a Script

You need to have the script ready. This is the blueprint of what is gonna happen when things start rolling. This is the real planning of your events and scenes and what will happen. The script will save the Director and the artist a lot of hassle during the shooting of the video.

As in the film production, the script tells you what to say and when to say it together with the involvement of the action. The script contains all the details of the activities. If your script is not clear, it will create room for confusion or amendments which may either positive or negative on the project.

5. Look for Different Locations/Venues/Scenes


These are the places that you would want to use during the shooting of the video. Sometimes you may need to travel a lot as you identify these scenes. Some of them will require that you make prior arrangements if it involves premises or busy places like hotels or touring places.

At the same time, if it involves premises, you need to confirm if any payments need to be made prior or any other arrangements. Don’t make a mistake of assuming anything here otherwise you will be disappointed on the material day.

6. Plan for Transport

Bearing in mind that you may need to move from one venue to another, don’t forget to make plans about transport. If you have a bigger car, then you are alright. If you don’t have a car then you may need to hire one that will fit the entire team or ask your friends to donate cars for the project.

In whichever ways, you need to get transport ready before shooting begins. Remember that this is one of the areas that may claim some of your emergency allocated funds because sometimes people promise cars only to fail the last minute. This has happened to me in the past when I was organizing for our church choir video creation.

7. Get yourself a Good Video Camera


Well, it all depends on why you are creating this music video. If you are making it for your personal use, you just need a standard camera that is not that expensive. But if you are making a commercial video, then you must be prepared to do it with a Professional Video Camera.

I once did a film with a Mini-DV Camera and although the story was very catching, the video couldn’t be promoted on any TV station because it had low quality. My advice to you is that, if you plan to use this video for commercial purposes, then you need to budget for it.

Professional Cameras are very expensive to buy, alternatively, you can hire one from the guys who rent it out per day or two. This is far much affordable than buying your own Camera. It all depends on your needs and plans.

8. Plan for Still-Photos Camera

As you prepare about the Video Camera, also don’t forget that you also need to plan for still photos camera. Why do you need this? In video preparation, you may need to use still pictures during editing. Still pictures are good in the introduction and in the conclusion.


You can plan to take still photos from every scene that you go. If you are a photographer naturally, it will be within you to capture different scenes even without planning for it.

Good photos sometimes are those that you have not even planned for. If you don’t have a good camera as shown in the photograph, you can still use your phone’s camera.

9. Lighting System is Key

Good music video requires good lighting system. You need to make sure that your lighting system is up to standard before you are set to begin. If you are not sure what kind of the lighting specifications you need for video shooting, you need to ask your director about it. The lighting involves lambs and stands.

If you are hiring your equipment, you need to confirm with the owner if lighting system is included in the entire kit. If its not then make sure that you make plans. Normally, the lambs are sold separately from the stands.

10. Have Sound Systems Ready

Sound systems in music video creation involve microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and sound mixers. Sound-systemsWhen it comes to shooting the video, you may not need all that mentioned but you require microphones that will pick sound from the source hence blocking the background noises. Learn more about the different types of microphones and their uses.

If you already have the audio recorded already, you don’t need the sound system at this point. All you need is to put action pictures on your audio. This is what most Choirs do because it would be very difficult to capture both audio and video at the same time without compromising the quality of both.

11. You need a Computer


Now, you need a computer to store your materials. After you shoot your raw video, you need to transfer it to the computer for editing. After that, you need to free up memory for more space. These days the technology calls for memory in cameras as well as tapes. Everything is getting a new look whereby we are forgetting about the tapes and embracing the memory technology.

It all depends on you and what kind of computer you can afford for this job. Definitely, if you will be storing videos on your PC, you need big space hard drive as well as enough RAM memory. I would suggest that you look for a laptop or a PC that has like 1TB hard drive, 3GB and above of the RAM, 2Ghz and above dual-core of the processor. This can work comfortably with video editing tasks.

See Best Laptop Reviews

12. Wardrobe/Costumes is Important

When you are creating a music video, it’s a good idea to think different attires. It becomes monotonous when people see you performing in the same clothing in the entire album. What keeps people glued to the screen watching a music video to the end is the creativity in making an interesting video.

Your clothing matters a lot when it comes to making an interesting video. Even though this is different from a fashion show, people would like to see different attires that are appealing and fitting to the music. Well, do not exaggerate the dressing code otherwise it will loose meaning.


13. Talk to a Director

This is a very important person in your video production in case you are making a big project. Video directors are responsible for arrangements, performance, and coordination of the events during shooting. A video director coordinates the videographers, photographers, artists and sound engineers to work together for harmonious production.

You can hire a video director on a daily, hourly or on a contract basis. Some video directors will come with their own equipment ie cameras, light and sound systems while others won’t.  It all depends on your agreement with him or her.

14. Look for an Editor

The editor is the guy who works behind the scenes after the shooting of the video is over. This is the person who is responsible for matching and compiling the raw materials to make it ready for watching. He’s a very important person in the process of creating your music video.

Basically, the editor’s duty starts from when he has the video clips. His duty is to transfer the videos from the camera to the computer whereby he will cut the unwanted portions. He joins these best clips in line with sound and action to produce a watchable video copy. He also includes titles, footnote and appreciation texts on the video to make look professional.

15. This Process Requires Time

As we have discussed in the above points, I think you can see it for yourself that this process requires time, money and a lot of effort. If you want to succeed in the video project, you must be ready to sacrifice your time. Sometimes preparing for a music video can take as long as a whole year in preparations alone.


If you spend good time in rehearsal, you will spend less time in the production process and vice-versa is true. You have to spend time in preparing the audio, dancers, equipment, locations etc. All these are things that will call for your time and commitment.


Do you think that you have all you need to make your music video? Just a word of encouragement for those of you who have the talent and passion in music but yet you cannot afford to purchase all the equipments required…JUST START with WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.


All that MATTERS is your PASSION.

What do you want to do now?

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  1. Your page is absolute descriptive but one thing i would suggest you is to not put too much niches at one same page cuz google might not rank you higher on the SEO. But above all, you did a great job writing your content. Keep your good work God bless you!
    Best regard,

    • Thanks Utdam for your comment. Well my niche is about exploring music so in my pages I’m trying to explore music in different perspectives. I’m not sure if this exploration appears as different niches or not. It might be that my niche of music exploration is too wide that’s why it may appear that I’m tackling different niches.

      I appreciate your time and comment.

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  2. Hi thanks for sharing about how to make the music video. It requires quite a lot of preparation work and there is a lot of parties involved, which are cameraman,singer, dancer,director etc. Having a DIY music video sure bring a lot of memory, when we watch it again somewhere in future.

    • Hello and thank you so much for your comment.

      Yes, as you say making a music video requires a lot of preparations and especially if you want to do it professionally and for commercial purposes. It all depends if is one of your dearest passions or not. If it is not then it becomes hard to do.

      I like your point on the memories brought about by videos. Music videos can bring about good and bad memories all together depending on the situations. Most importantly, music is a healer and suppressor of stress and it acts as a coolant in many situations in life.

      Much appreciations.

  3. Hello there,

    First off, thank you for the detailed tips you provide with the help of this article.
    I am a guitar player myself and it is a small dream of mine to create a music video one day.
    In fact a friend of mine has a birthday next month and I was planning to shoot a music video for a song I’ve written for him.
    What are the most costly things to consider when heading to this adventure?

    • Thank you so much for your sincere comment. I hope you could follow these points to the bottom. I’m happy you are such a friend to someone to an extend of making a special song on their birthday.

      These days making a video is easy depending on the occassion and purpose. If you want to make a video for commercial uses, you need good preparation and quality equipments like I have explained on my article. If you need it for personal use like in your case, you can use any equipment ranging from your phone camera to a Mini-DV camera. It all depends on what you looking for.

      Hope this helps. If you need more assistance please let me know.


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