7 Essential Steps – How to Edit your Music Video


Are you sure you want to know how to edit your music video? We’ve talked about the things needed to make a Music video and we already began the process of creating it. It’s so FULFILLING to do what I love because it gives me joy and satisfaction.

It’s real FUN right from music composition, live presentation, rehearsals, audio recording, preparing the dancers, shooting the video to the EDITING the video. Now that you have the rough bulk copies of the video, you want to make it ready for VIEWING.

How do you do that?

You need to begin the editing process which is also another kind of fun. Let me say that the process is a little bit TEDIOUS but DOABLE. It requires enough time and concentration. Note that if you like it, you can do it no matter what.

Let’s take these essential steps to edit our music video.The-process-of-editing-a-music-video

7 Essential Steps – How to Edit your Music Video

1. Have all your materials ready

Do you already have your MATERIALS ready? By “materials” I mean your VIDEO clips that you have already shot. The video may be in form of TAPES or MEMORY of any kind. If you are using a camera that uses the tapes, you need to LABEL the tapes in the right way so that you will not confuse them the time of downloading the videos.

If you are using memory cards, don’t forget to label each clip you shoot to avoid any confusion. Proper labeling helps to make sorting easier when it comes to the editing of the video.

Find out if all the clips or tapes are AVAILABLE with you to avoid wasting time when you start downloading them to the computer. Sometimes some clips or tapes may be misplaced during shooting. To avoid that, you need to make sure that you place them in the right order in one PACKAGE.

2. Download your videos to the computer

Make sure that you have your computer machine ready with you. Now we want to TRANSFER the files from the camera to the computer. The easiest way to do that is to CONNECT both machines with a CABLE or use a BLUETOOTH connection. It all depends on which connection you want to use for this task depending on SPEED and EFFICIENCY.

If you are using your cable, make sure its connected to the RIGHT PORT and begin DOWNLOADING your files. Make sure that you transfer all files in the right FOLDER so that you may not misplace them. Some cameras may not allow labeling but you can best RENAME them on your computer after downloading them.

Remember that downloading the video files may require a lot of TIME depending on the SPEED and MEMORY of your computer. That’s why it is important to have a computer with a good speed and memory. See the things you need to create a music video.


3. Have your editor software ready

Now that you have all the FILES READY in your computer, the work of EDITING is ready to BEGIN. You must have your editing SOFTWARE downloaded on your computer already. This software will enable you to CUT and JOIN the video clips as you desire. What you can do with the editing software depends upon how each is designed and made.

Each software is DIFFERENT from the other in FEATURES, ABILITIES, and SPECIFICATIONS. So it is important to TEST several Softwares before you install them on your computer.

Most Softwares have a FREE VERSION installation then you need to upgrade to premium afterward. Depending on each software, free version may UNLOCK all FEATURES for a certain time of period. Others will NOT allow you access all editing features until you upgrade to premium.

Before upgrading to premium, you need to FIND OUT if all features you are looking for are available because most companies DON’T REFUND the money once payment is done. It is upon you to research appropriately before purchasing your editing software.

4. Sort out your materials

Once you have all the VIDEO clips DOWNLOADED on the computer and have the editing SOFTWARE ready, take time to SORT out your materials. ‘Sorting out’ means going through your clips to see which ones are USABLE and which ones are NOT. Assuming that you took SEVERAL shots (takes) in a certain scene, it means that there are BETTER clips than others depending on different factors.

Depending on LIGHTING, the ANGLE of the shot and PERFORMANCE, you need to pick out the BEST clips that you would like to use in the final copy. This takes time also because you will have to go through all the clips picking out the best and placing them in another folder.

You may NOT need to DISCARD or DELETE the obsolete copies until you finish editing your video because there are some portions that may be usable from them. So DON’T delete anything yet at this point. Your task is to SORT and SAVE them in different folders where you can ACCESS them in case you still require them.

Sorting also means COMPARING clips that you would easily MATCH and PLACE them together for easy access. It is upon you to NAME them the way you would for accessibility.

5. Cutting and joining the video clips

The work of editing a music video involves CUTTING your video clips and JOINING them using your editing software. According to your software, you can cut the UNWANTED bits of the video clips and join them with the good ones. As you cut your video with the cutting feature, you need to exercise care in order to match them with the appropriate ones in another takes.

Depending on your software, ALIGN your AUDIO track with the VIDEO hence muting the sound of the video. It all depends on which audio you would like to use. Simultaneously, make sure to place and include SPACES (TRANSITIONS) in between clips (SCENES) where necessary. This makes the music video watchable and brings about the PROFESSIONALISM in editing the video.

The kind of transitions you can have depends on what your software can provide. The work of cutting and joining clips is one of its kind which requires some SKILLS. Some people would prefer HIRING an EDITOR to do this kind of work. However, if you are like me and you like doing things for yourself, it’s something you can do.Editing-involves-cutting-and-joining-video-clips

Some of the software will provide TUTORIALS on how to do the editing of your video.

6. Include Text on your video 

Your editing is never complete without the inclusion of TEXTS where they are due. Where do you include texts?

Texts can fit best in the INTRODUCTORY part in the TITLES, NAMES of the participants etc. You can include texts in your music video as you INTERPRET wordings in the song in case the language used isn’t understandable by all people.

You can include DIRECTIVES in your music video as well as give CREDITS where they are due. Some people prefer WRITING the names of all the people featured in the video including all UNSEEN PARTICIPANTS like cameramen, photographers, sound men, light personnel etc.

As you include the text, be as CREATIVE as possible. There are ANIMATIONS that can be used according to the software to make your music video as interesting as possible. However, DON’T use too much graphics and animations because if you do, you may lose the focus of your video.

7. Make the Master Copy

After all, has been done, the remaining bit is to FINALIZE your video by HARMONIZING all the commands you have done in your video. This act may be referred to as “RENDERING” whereby you APPLY and SAVE all the changes done to make them one FINAL copy.

Before you produce the final master copy, you need to take the time to WATCH the copy that has already been edited. If possible let SEVERAL PEOPLE watch it giving their IDEAS and SUGGESTIONS. This would help you make some corrections to make your video better.

At this point, I would prefer to have one or two PROFESSIONAL EDITORS watch my copy before I make it into a final copy. It’s a good idea to a have a DIRECTOR doing the same and give their GENUINE SUGGESTIONS on what needs to be improved on.

Some professionals would do that for a FEE so you need to put that into consideration as you make your BUDGE.

After taking all the suggestions given by different people with different TASTES of music, now you can make your final music video copy which is called a MASTER COPY.


We have looked at the steps to take in order to create a music video. As you can see, the process of creating a music video is tedious but very INTERESTING. If your music is your true passion, you will definitely enjoy every step of doing it. Every hiccup and challenge will turn out to be fun.

In case you feel that the entire process is complicated, you have an option of HIRING all the services of creating the music video. You can hire the videographers, photographers, Director and Editor. All these people are available and you can get them locally or online.

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  1. A good friend of mine is into music/video editing and this is a great overview on the process. I’ve always been curious as to how he does it… seems finding a good editing software program really helps. Organization is also key.. I’ve heard him complain that he gets things mixed up sometimes because he forgets to label them.

    • Music video editing process is definitely made easier when you have the right editing software. It is easy to use these softwares without training because most of them provide tutorials on how to use them. I’m sure this article would be helpful to your friend. As you say, if the videos are not well labeled, it becomes hard for the editor to locate when they are needed.

      Let me know if you need any more help on this.


  2. A very nicely written article You style of writing is very different than mine but your love of music shines through your words Your article was detailed and led me through the process from the very beginning to the end result and I did not feel like I was being sold, rather I felt like I was being counseled I enjoyed the article so much I bookmarked the site and will return to read more

    • Hi Robert,

      Those are very kind words of you and I love to read your comment. We all are different and that means the way we do things is very different from each other. I learn from others the way they learn from me and I’m glad that my article was a learning experience for you this time round. Thank you for bookmarking my site for future reference. Feel free to share this information with your friends too.



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