Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review – An Excellent Guide

Product NameYamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

Overall Ranking: 4.5 Stars

Price: $200 + 9.99 Shipping

Owners: Yamaha

Where to Find: Amazon.com


If you are like me, you would always go for a brand that is commonly known just like Yamaha. When it comes to musical instruments, Yamaha has been in service for many years. It has a reputation of making excellent musical instruments like acoustic guitars. Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar is one of their best products they have made and if you are here to shop for a guitar, Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review would be your preferred guide.

To start with, Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar is one of the best guitars for learners and newbies. I remember when I was beginning my training on how to play the guitar, I didn’t know what to look for and where to find information from. Those days in the 1900s, information wasn’t as available as it is now.

This review will guide and unveil some important truths about this guitar and at the end of this article, you will have decided if this is the right guitar for you or your children.

Specifications of Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

  • It has a dreadnaught body shape
  • Has a laminated spruce top
  • A nice rosewood fingerboard
  • The neck contains 14 accessible frets, 20 frets in total
  • Has gold die-cast tuners
  • It has a rosewood bridge
  • It is made of a meranti back and sides
  • Has tortoise shell pick guard
  • It has limited lifetime warranty

 Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review

Pros/Cons of F335 Acoustic Guitar


  • Quite a good feel: – This guitar has a good feel as you touch it. Its smooth texture makes it admirable and creates a nice feel on the hand.
  • Fun to play: – It’s great fun to play this guitar because of its shape and weight. The easy-to-play fretboard makes it enjoyable to play this guitar.
  • Reliability: – Yamaha company has a reputation of making reliable instruments in terms of service. This guitar is not an excuse and it gives exactly the quality of sound that you are looking for in an acoustic guitar.
  • Doesn’t Loose Tune: – One main feature of this guitar is the ability to hold up the tune. It doesn’t loose tune by itself as other guitars do.
  • Best Look: – There are many guitars out there which don’t have as good looks as the F335 acoustic guitar. It contains the typical Yamaha acoustic look and to me, this is so cool.
  • Durability: – Despite the fact that it’s built with the light material, this guitar’s durability is one of the best. It can give you enough service depending on how best you take care of it.


  • The quality is a little bit low: –  Despite that this guitar’s top is made of spruce, which is strong and not very easily penetratable, Meranti (which makes the back and the sides of the guitar) is a little bit a cheap wood which may not be the best in resistance to heat and liquids.
  • Beginner’s Guitar: – Some people have labeled this as a “beginner’s guitar”, so intermediate and more skilled players will find it little to ‘no better use’ of it.
  • Not very flexible in adaptability: – This guitar has only a few simple practical uses including learning and practicing.


Available Colours

Tobacco Sunburst :

Yamaha f335 acoustic guitar tobacco outburst


Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Black



Who is it for

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar is useful to the following: –

  1. Those who want to do personal guitar practice: – People who took some training in guitar playing and now they want to familiarize themselves with real play and mastering of the notes. This guitar is worth it for such people.
  2. Guitar Newbies: – People who are in their initial stages of learning how to play the guitar and are already enrolled in a learning class. Anyone starting the race of learning how to play the guitar can grab this opportunity and get this guitar.
  3. School Bands: -Suitable for boys and girls performing in a school band. The sound is good enough for a band or any other musical group.
  4. Children Musicians: – It is a good investment for those kids willing to start their music career and want to learn the skill of playing the guitar.
  5. Those who Like Travelling: – Those people who like travelling with their guitar. This guitar is light enough to take with on the go.
  6. Guitar Trainers: – Those who would want to have their own guitar training academy can invest in buying several of these guitars for their training purposes.

The Price

In this Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review, I’d like to talk a little bit about the price of this product. Amazon sells this acoustic guitar at a price of $200 plus an extra $10 for shipping. I know you would like to know if this price is on the higher side or not.

In one way or another, this price is relative. If you are focusing on the material used i.e the quality of the wood, this cost may appear high. if you consider the quality of service and brand, you will be contented with it. Obviously, being a Yamaha product, it gives the world the impression that this is a good quality and so the price should be high.


Final Verdict on Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

I recommend that every guitarist or a  learner planning to invest in a guitar would consider reading this Yamaha F355 Acoustic Guitar Review. It has an excellent sound production and it is a good investment for a school band or any other group. The sound quality is not compromised by the quality of the wood.

I’ve personally used Yamaha F335 for personal practice and training newbies and I’ve enjoyed every moment I played this instrument. I would recommend it for all guitar learners and newbies. It’s not the best for experienced guitarists, but a good investment for beginners.

If you plan to start to learn your guitar lessons soonest possible, I think that $200 investment in purchasing this guitar is considerable because it’s only one time. This guitar’s durability is a sure compensation of your money.


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  1. Paul,
    I wish this review had come across my path a little sooner. I love music and have been playing the piano since I was 7. I wanted to learn to play the guitar so while walking through Costco one day I saw this off brand and bought it. It was a piece of junk, (that’s why I didn’t mention the name), so that’s why I am looking for reviews.
    I like your take on this one and the information you provide. Also I like that you have and play it so I know its a personal experience review.
    I am considering it and have a quick question.
    Does it come with a stand and case of any type? Just curious.
    I’ll check back for your reply and if I decide, I see you have a good price listed.
    Thanks, Doug

    • Hi Doug,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I agree that sometimes we are pushed by our desire to have something to the point of acquiring a substandard product. Before I bought my guitar I did the same severally because I had no proper information. Later I found some good reviews and my problem was solved and that’s why I thought it’s also good for me to assist other people who may be stuck like I was.

      Well, Unfortunately, Yamaha F335 has a case and tuners which are sold separately. The good thing is when you click to the clickable texts above and you will access the guitar and if you need to shop for the case or anything else, just let me know.

  2. great post, there are so many guitar choices it’as so hard to choose and I don’t know which to choose when I am just starting out. is the Yamaha F335 the cheapest you can get? are there any cheaper guitars that are good for beginners thanks. I do like the design though it looks pretty decent

    • Very truly said that sometimes it’s not easy to know which guitar to buy out there because there are many brands in the market. One thing I would like to mention here is that, yes there are very many cheaper guitars as low as $100 or even lower than that. However, you must consider quality very seriously. Some of those guitars you see around are a mere waste of resources because they won’t serve you for long. Yamaha F335 is a nice guitar for beginners and the brand tells it all. The quality and durability is guaranteed.

  3. The Yamaha F335 Acoustic guitar looks like a perfect ideal beginner guitar as well as one for traveling with. I like the price, too! I was just curious if you knew what kind of action this guitar has. I really like acoustics that have the strings closer to the fretboard. Thank you for posting this wonderful & thorough review!

    • Am so glad to hear that this would be a nice take for you. Yamaha F335 is a nice a guitar for beginners. It is easy to use because the strings are soft, for the way they are closer to the fret board as you say. Again the frets are around 20 and therefore it easy to deal with the fingerboard.

      Thank you for stopping by. Let me know how best I can help.

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