Portable Electric Guitar Amp Starter’s Kit: On The Spot Review

Are you a beginner looking for a Portable Electric Guitar Amp for beginners or a starter kit? This article will give you the information about this electric guitar amp package which meets all your music needs as a beginner.

Portable Electric Guitar Amp

One important consideration is that you would like to get yourself a package that won’t hurt your credit card as well as not compromising the quality of the product. With that in mind, we are offering you the best solution possible with this guide.

We have given you the overview as well as full details of this guitar amp so that you will be able to make a guided decision according to your specific needs.

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Overview Information of Portable Electric Guitar Amp Starter’s Kit

We will first discuss about the overview information about this Portable Electric Guitar Amp starter kit. It includes a guitar constructed with a hardwood. This is actually a classic electric guitar designed with 22 frets. This guitar is suitable for both rhythm and Solo music play.On the the hand its packed with an Amplifier which includes many good features for your benefit. This Amp has a guitar and microphone outlet, volume control, treble and base control, and drive button. It has a user friendly integrated regulator volume control.

Full Features & Details

Now let’s look at the full details of this product package.

1. The Wood Body

The guitar has a strongly built top with fine appearance which is good for new, aspiring musicians and expert guitar heroes. Its nice shape makes easy control during playing, whether sitting or standing up. This body also allows easy cleaning after use or in case some stains fall on the surface.

Wood body Guitar

2. The Single Coil Pickup


It has a single coil pickup which is good for delivering a smooth tone ideal for rock and roll, playing the blues, and everything else in between! The natural solid wood compliments the bright and warm sound production.

3. Portable Amp & Cord

You can’t play an electric guitar without an amplifier and that why this Amp is provided. Our 10W amplifier is loud enough for its size and runs on batteries for easy portability. We have also included a 8ft guitar cable enough for an extended movement.

4. The Nylon Bag

Nylon Gig Bag

The nylon bag with zip closures enables you to carry your electric guitar to your lesson or where ever the next adventurous occasion is scheduled. Its ideal for prolonging your guitar’s quality life and for easy storage.

What This Set includes:

  • A 39” Electric Guitar
  • 10W Amplifier
  • A Nylon Gig Bag
  • A set of Guitar Strings
  • 1 Guitar Pick


The Pros & Cons


  • Hard wood guitar
  • Portability
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Good quality for beginners and professionals
  • Can use both power and batteries


  • Not for big congregations
  • Vibration when in high volume

Who Is This Guitar Amp Kit For?

1. Beginners: – Any one planning to start their guitar playing classes can grab this kit because it is purposely designed for them. Everything included is a good recipe for every learner.

2. Practice: – Do you already know how to play the guitar but you need more practice? Sometimes people learn how to play but since they don’t own a guitar, they fall short of practice. This guitar will give you the practice that you require.

3. Mobile Artists: – In case are one of those mobile musicians and you would like to invest your money in buying a portable quality kit, this is exactly for you. The power amp is portable enough together with the gig bag will enable you carry your guitar wherever you want any time.

4. Musicians with limited budget: – Did you notice how many goodies are included in this pack, all for single billing? This pack is costing only $87 inclusive of shipment. If you were to buy each of these single items you would spend more. So this is a wallet friendly kit that you can’t afford to miss.

5. Professionals: – Being a professional musician means that you can work with any instrument given the opportunity. This kit has everything that any professional would love to use during practice, mobile concerts or on urgent calls. All you need is just to grab and go.

6. Training: – In deed this is an excellent instrument for training other people in using electric guitar. In case you are trainer like me, this will be a guarantee of your investment.

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What People Say About It

I’d like you to look at what customers have to say about this Guitar Amp Kit.

Personally, I bought this Guitar Amplifier in 2016 for my own personal use. My purpose of purchasing was for personal practice and training. It really played its role effectively.

One amazing thing about this amp is its outstanding sound and whenever I have been playing it, my friends have been watching me as I play. Due to that, I got three of my friends who were ready for guitar training. We finished the training like 5 months ago and they are all doing well. This kit is still as good as new till now.

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Final Word

Our greatest desire is to provide the best information we can about electric guitars. As we come to the conclusion, we have discussed about Portable Electric Guitar Amp starter kit. This information will help you make the right decision.

Whether you want this Amp for your personal use like learning how to play guitar or you want to use it for training purposes or just for fun, its a good investment you can make. This package has all you need to take your music career to another level.


Does this information help? If you have any question or comment , please feel free to leave them below.

Paul Mbaluka

My name is Paul, a born again, self motivated person. I love to transform people's lives in whatever through empowering and training them. Music is in my blood systems and therefore anything pertaining music is a key to my heart.


  1. Hey Paul, I love how thorough and clean your website looks.

    It is very easy to follow with the in depth reviews 🙂
    How long have you been playing for?
    Have you got any videos of yourself playing?

    I have been singing and playing for many years, so it is always nice to see other fellow musicians being so passionate about what they do 🙂

    • Hi Christina, 

      It’s so nice to see your comment here and also excited to hear that you liked the reviews and you have been singing and playing instruments for many years. 

      I have been in music for over 20 years myself and in those years I’ve achieved a lot. Unfortunately, for being busy with other duties to make a living, I haven’t majored in creating my own videos. I started recently and I have two on YouTube already.



  2. This is a nice thorough review. I remember back in highschool when I was just starting to learn about the guitar, I wish we had access to these kinds of articles back then, it would have made it a lot easier for a lot of beginner guitarists.

    Also, thanks for detailing the pros and cons of the set!

    • Hello Mike,

      I really appreciate your time in reading my article on Portable electric guitar amp for beginners. It’s true that back then during our time of learning how to play the guitar there were no such information available as it is today. The beginners these days are highly privileged because they can access the information they want to get started. If anyone wants to buy any instruments there are many reviews available at their disposal.

      Hope you are still going on with developing your talent in guitar.

      Wishing you success.

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