How Can Music Affect Your Mood

How can music affect your mood? This is a question that many people have never even thought about. Has it ever clicked to you that music can be one of the best therapeutic measures you can administer to yourself?

On a casual note, just take a little survey of yourself and evaluate your feelings and reactions when you are in a musical environment and when you are in a noisy environment. When you compare the two environments, which one tends to add up stress and which one reduces?

How can music affect your mood

All human beings have different mood swings based on different situations. We can all record moments in our lives when our mood has been HIGH and other times it has been LOW.

Our moods are controlled by different situations and circumstances that take place within us and and around us. As a matter of fact, music is important in our lives and one of the aspects that helps in relaxing the mind and so music is good for brain.

For example, when we have a broken relationship, our moods turn out to be low compared to when we have good relationships. During a job loss, or in the case of death of a loved one, we get discouraged and so the mood is down.

When our moods get so low and we feel so sad in life we need something that can SEAL that gap. Personally, I’ve found out that MUSIC is a good TRANSITION that bridges that gap so nicely. Music contains EXCELLENT MAGIC that works towards the HEALING of an AILING SOUL

In this article, we will talk about how MUSIC TAKES CARE OF OUR MOODS.

6 Practical Ways, How Can Music Affect Your Mood

1. Music Reduces Stress

We are all EXPOSED to different environments that make us stressed up at times. In our homes, places of job and as we relate to our friends on casual days we find that we get stressed up. The reality is we don’t have control over these issues and more often we can’t find a way out.

The good news is, MUSIC is a good solution to stress. When you get hold of your blues, rock, country music, etc, you are assured or RELIEF. At such a time, it is advisable to listen to soothing tunes that will relax your muscles, brains and any other body tissues. Music helps in CALMING down your HEART PACE hence giving you a sign of relief and comfort.

2. Music Controls our Thinking

Sometimes when you are stressed up, sad or angry for one reason or another, the truth is you cannot think clearly. Personally, I find it hard to think straight and clearly.

When you are bitter, the brain becomes unstable such that you will find it hard to make a clear judgment. I’ve seen people making very wrong decisions that they have come to regret later after making decisions when they were angry.


During such a moment, you need to play COOL music that will calm down the aggravated brain. Listening to music solves sadness, helps to manage anger, and stress is NEUTRALIZED and you are able to make clear decisions once again. Once you listen to that favorite music, the sadness goes away and you are able to think clearly.

3. Music Gives Joy

For those of you who may be confusing joy and happiness, the word joy has a deeper meaning. Happiness is that nice feeling that comes after you have had GOOD MOMENTS.

When the surrounding is nice and pleasant,  you are happy and vice-versa is true. Joy, on the other hand, doesn’t depend on the surrounding instead it comes from the heart after having a certain encounter that changes your life.  For example, when a sinner is forgiven of his/her sins, becomes joyful.

Joy has a long-term implication while happiness is temporary according to what may be happening at the moment. When you make music part of your life to an extent of becoming a musician, you experience real joy and fulfillment.

When I became a guitarist and recorded my first album, I experienced a lot of joy. If there is a project that gave me real fulfillment is when I completed that project.

4. Music is a Great Tool for Motivation

I’ve been a motivational counselor to youths for over 10 years and I’ve gone to so many schools both primary and high schools. In my sessions, I used to show my film entitled “The Blame” which was a great motivation to students.

Amidst the film, I used to present music to the students and it played a great role in motivation. Several students chose music as their career after taking them through the sessions.



Different songs have different genres. At the same time music carries STRONG  MESSAGES that are very good for motivation. You can, therefore, use music to ENCOURAGE someone who is discouraged and will feel encouraged.

Many times when people lose their loved ones, they feel lonely, and more often they are in a state of dilemma not knowing how their future will be without the dead person. At such a time, music has a way of ministering to such a person.

5. Music Can Transform One’s Character

If you do something for some time regularly, it becomes a habit. As soon as a habit becomes regular, it becomes your character. When you develop a habit of playing music to your children for motivation you mold their character because music is very important to children.

The good thing with music is that it can be learned and developed. I’d like to say that, music is a talent that can be developed and worked upon. There are people who are talented in music but since they didn’t work and develop it, the talent just went dormant.

6. Music gives Fulfillment

In the same way, I know people who were not musical but they loved music so they took their time to develop it and now they are very musical. Whatever you put your heart into becomes part of you.

I know a friend of mine whom I coached how to play guitar because he really loved it and right

now he has become very musical. So when you immerse yourself to the art of learning music and it becomes your habit, eventually it becomes part of you.

What is the importance of character in relation to the mood? If you develop a positive character in your life, you will also develop a positive mood pattern in your life.

So that means that if you become a positive thinker, most likely your mood swings will become constantly positive. If you are a complainer, you won’t see anything good in life.  Your mood swings will most likely be negative all through and therefore you will experience stress mostly.

Watch this short documentary and see the impact of music in relation to your mood.


We have discussed a very vital question, how can music affect your mood and by answering this we have discussed different ways in which music will transform you.

We have seen that music reduces stress and controls our thinking patterns. At the same time, music has a power to give joy and mold people’s character, this is so powerful.

We’ve also discussed that apart from music being a motivational tool, it also gives a lot of fulfillment. There’s joy in doing what you love in life even if it doesn’t earn you any money. We all can see the vital role that music plays in our lives. So that means we need music every hour, every minute and every second of our lives.

What do you do now?

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Paul Mbaluka

My name is Paul, a born again, self motivated person. I love to transform people's lives in whatever through empowering and training them. Music is in my blood systems and therefore anything pertaining music is a key to my heart.


  1. I am excited by the fact that music can do so much! I always suspected this was so and I do love music!

    I have two questions:

    1. Would music help drug babies? What would you recommend for helping foster mothers who are caring for them? What about when they get older, what is a good way to help these young children?

    2. What do you suggest in the way of music to help with grieving? After my dad passed, I cried so much everytime I heard music, especially music my dad had played on the violin! What should I have listened to that would have eased my grief, not made it worse? I am getting to that age, where I will experience more losses anytime. I want to be prepared now, after seeing this post!

    Thanks, Lynne

    • Hi Lynne,

      Thanks so much for finding this article helpful. You have addressed very important issues and I’d like to make some remarks here.

      1. Needless to say that music has a positive impact on drug, retarded, or disadvantaged children. Music therapy is a powerful tool that can assist in the development of their speech, thinking and reaction. Research has it that children who have a problem in the development of their brain can easily be assisted by the introduction of music. I’m sure professional therapists can give specific process towards this.

      The Foster Mothers or guardians have a great responsibility of lovingly taking care of such children. Just like any other children, using simple methods of singing or making particular musical sounds to the kids eases and calms them down.

      2. During grief, people tend to forget the importance of music but the truth is, certain music helps to slow down the brain hence causing muscles and nerves to relax. Studies have shown that music can reduce anxiety and muscle tension. Music regulates heartbeat to a point of boosting the proper functionality of other systems of the body. As a result, the grief is dealt with in better and a more comfortable way.

      About grieving for your dad, I’m sorry that you had to go through this. I think it was not wrong to listen to his music, however, it would have been far much better to listen to other music too that would assist your brain to forget about those memories. The tricky part with music is that, when some tunes are played, they brings back certain memories that are associate with those tunes. So during grief, its better to keep away from such tunes for a certain period of time.

      Hope this helps. If you need more assistance please let me know.

      Best wishes,


  2. I am a avid music lover and I also believe music can be a great therapy especially to relieve stress, I also think that it can help with learning to. I did enjoy your post and it covered many ways music can help us, I would agree it can bring joy, I go too many live music events and find it so invigorating, it is also a universal language that just about anyone can relate to young and old alike.

    • It’s good to know that you love music and that you understand it as a great therapy. Many people have got healed of their stress and depression through music. I also agree that it is a source of learning, and a memory booster too. Yes music is a universal language that is understood by everyone regardless of their backgrounds and language.

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