How to Play the G Chord on the Guitar

Playing Key G Major


There are many songs that are played in Key G Major in our today’s music industry. This Key is generally a good key for many men soloists because it is not too high nor too low. In our youth choir, we used have many songs played in Key G, E and Majors because we used to have men singing group.

So generally I developed a sparkling interest on these three keys not because they are special but because we used to play them alot. Even now, I love them so much. So when I’m talking about Key G Major, I’m talking about an area of interest.

The Need for Practice

As we continue to learn how to play the guitar, I hope that you are finding this process interesting. I also hope that your passion for playing the guitar is pushing to practice your guitar playing on a daily basis. Remember that playing is a skill that needs to be worked upon.

We have so far learned about how to play Key C, D, D, E, and F. Today we are going to learn “How to Play the G Chord on the Guitar. This is the same as saying how to play key G Major on the Guitar.

One of the advantages of advancing in learning how to play the guitar, is that as you learn more keys, the easier it becomes because you are getting used to pressing the keys and at the same time, some of the keys we have already learned will still be used to accompany the new keys.

Let’s Get Working Now…

How to Play the G Chord on the Guitar

To play key G Major, you need G-C-D. We have already tackled all these Keys on the other lessons so this lesson will be an easy one for us.

Key G Major


To play key G Major, you press string 6 with finger number 3 on fret 3; string 5 with finger number 2 on fret 2; and string 1 with finger number 4 on fret 3.

There are two ways of holding Key G Major. See Key D Major.

Key C Major



See how to play key C Major. We started playing the guitar with Key C so by now I expect that you have done enough practice on how to Play it. If not, then you can still go back and do practice.

Key D Major


See how to play Key D Major. As we were learning how to play key D Major, we learned that it corresponds with G and C, so now as we play G Major Chord, they still work hand in hand.


In summary, to play Key G major, you need G-C-D. The three keys will help in coordination for the production of music. We will be singing one song with key G Major.