How to Play F Chord on the Guitar


Hope you are enjoying your journey on playing this magic instrument. So far I expect that you know how to name your fingers, the strings, and you know the parts of the guitar. I expect that you know how to hold Keys C, D, and E. If you have put enough practice on those keys, you are in a position to play at least a song based on the keys.

Today we will learn how to play the fourth key major on the guitar. Key F is one of the most exciting keys and I am certain you will like it. One thing I must mention here is that, make sure that you have spend an hour or so in doing practice. If you want to perfect your skills, set regular time to play your guitar everyday.

How to Play F Chord on the Guitar

To play Key F you need the accompaniment of the two chords ie. F-A#-C-F. Just as with the other keys, you can employ minor keys depending on the song that you are playing.

Key F Chord


On your guitar, hold string 4 with finger number 3 on fret two; string 3 with finger number 2 on fret 2; and string1/2 with finger number 1 on fret 1. Note that strings 5 and 6 are not held. For beginners, Key F major is a little bit challenging especially with finger 3 which has to raised and elevated high enough to allow strings 3,2, and 1 to produce the desired sound.

See in the diagram.

Key A#


To play Key A# is the easiest as you play this key because you use only one finger to hold all the three strings across. How do you hold this key? You hold strings 4,3,2 and 1 with finger 3 on fret 3.  See in the diagram.

Key C Major

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