How to Play the C Major Chord on the Guitar

Key C Major Chord

Playing Key C is very easy.

We are going to use the left hand to hold the strings and the right hand to strum them for sound production. In Key C Major Chord we hold three strings in the first three frets of the guitar.

How do we do that?

C Major Chord


As shown in the diagram, finger number 3 holds string number 5 in fret three. Finger number 2 holds string number 4 in fret two while finger number 1 holds string number 2 in fret 1.


When playing a song on Key C Major, you need a co-ordination of other keys so that the music will be complete. These coordinating keys may be major keys or minor keys. Now we will learn how to incorporate other Major Keys.

Co-ordination of other keys:


Key F Major


We need to learn how to play Key F Major. On fret 3, hold string number 4 with finger number 3, then string number 3 with finger number 2 on fret 2 and string number 2/1 with finger number 1 on fret 1. See the diagram below.


Key G Major


When playing Key G Major, you hold string number 6 on fret 3 with finger number 3, then string number 5 on fret 2 with finger number 2 and string number 1 fret number 3 with finger number 4. See the diagram below.