About Me

I Love “Music Art.”



This is Paul Mbaluka and I love music art. This is a combination of two things at the same time ie ‘music’ and ‘art’. Anything pertaining music playing, presentation, performance, recording, etc is in line with “music arts.”

In this website, I will be taking you through different music arts as we explore music together.

I started getting involved in music in my childhood whereby I used to attend the children classes (sunday school). In this kind of a setup, we used to sing alot and music became my hobby at a very young age.

As I continued to grow in age, I discovered my talent in music and I started to cultivate it through leading the other children in singing as well as playing the traditional drum. I realized that I was yearning for weekends because I just wanted to sing in church.  So music became part of me. 

I started to learn how to play the guitar at a young age and due to this zeal, I enrolled in the church choir. The advantage was that I was young and that I had alot of time to do good practice. So within a couple of months I was able to play guitar for the choir. This motivated me all the more to put more and more practice.

Though I knew how to play the guitar practically, I didn’t know the theory part of it and when I completed high school education I first enrolled in music class whereby I learned theory part of it. This helped me to  understand the names of the keys I used to play.

Later after that as I advanced in years, I started to play the instrument for choirs and different individual people. I got involved in training music in churches and seminars. I’ve trained many people as well as helped many to record their own music in studios.

In this website therefore, we are going to look at music in different perspectiveslf you love music as I do, then this is the right place for you.

Hope you stay tuned up!